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txmommyofboys is a Youtuber and beauty influencer.

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I started YouTube not knowing that it would turn in to this! It all started as a documentary for family about my tummy tuck journey in January 2013. Then, I disappeared for about 6-8 months. I got on one day and saw someone do a makeup video & I thought "I should do that!" So, I slowly started and it turned into such a fun hobby to do makeup & beauty videos & the best thing is the friends that I have made from this!!! Thank you all for your support! I upload 3-4 times a week, and always do Friday Favorites!

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txmommyofboys has published 856 videos on YouTube so far. Currently, approx. 9044 subscribers follows the channel's videos. Averagely the time between new contents is 2 days and one video has avg. 1504 views. The total number of video views is 1287547

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