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notyourtypicaldollface is a Youtuber and beauty influencer.

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Welcome to my channel! Hello lovelies! My name is Sarah, and while I'm relatively new to the world of makeup, I have to say I'm completely in love! This exciting new space has quickly become my creative outlet. I love trying out new products and playing with bold colours. This channel is an extension of my fun journey, and I'm excited to have you join me on it! This is a place of positivity and happiness, so please leave your negativity at the door! In that vein, I end all my videos with three things I'm grateful for that day. This is an exercise I learned in university at a 'Happiness' seminar I took. It's by no means a perfect solution, but it's something I do every day, and it helps give me perspective on the things that are bringing me down. What are three things you're grateful for today? I hope you enjoy these videos and the discussions we'll have, and that we can make this a fun and positive forum for us all!

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notyourtypicaldollface has published 875 videos on YouTube so far. Currently, approx. 13935 subscribers follows the channel's videos. Averagely the time between new contents is 2 days and one video has avg. 2052 views. The total number of video views is 1795584

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