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IrisRican GirlyGurl is a Youtuber and beauty influencer.

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Hi Guys, THANKS SO MUCH for supporting my (Product Review, Story Time and Vlog) Channel! I'm a GIRLYGURL who's 40 and FOREVER YOUNG... I enjoy bringing Positivity and Creative Ideas on how to stay positive and Looking Young for as long as we can!!! You will be unboxing "MAIL TIME" with me, I will list all my BEAUTY SECRETS, Product Reviews and ALWAYS put you on to all the SALES, SALES, SALES no Retail Shopping unless it's a MUST HAVE!!! Please don't forget to SUBSCRIBE, you will NOT be disappointed!

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IrisRican GirlyGurl has published 23 videos on YouTube so far. Currently, approx. 153 subscribers follows the channel's videos. Averagely the time between new contents is 43 days and one video has avg. 1244 views. The total number of video views is 28605

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