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Glow Recipe is an American Youtuber and beauty influencer.

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Glow Recipe is the only natural & cruelty-free Korean beauty destination, uniquely curated by beauty industry experts. Co-founders Sarah and Christine leverage a combined 20+ years of US & Korea beauty experience to bring only the best harsh-free Korean skincare products stateside. Find us at, or @glowrecipe to discover the latest K-beauty trends, tips & tutorials. You can also follow Sarah & Christine's K-beauty curation adventures at @sarah_glow and @christine_glow Have questions or suggestions about Korean beauty or routines? Email us at love [a] glowrecipe [dot] com. We love to hear from you! Get your glow on, The Glow Recipe team

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Glow Recipe has published 89 videos on YouTube so far. Currently, approx. 53199 subscribers follows the channel's videos. Averagely the time between new contents is 16 days and one video has avg. 31923 views. The total number of video views is 2841165

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