About Vlogger Review

Vlogger Review helps people to find reviews about beauty products reviewed by Youtube influencers. Our aim is to create a community where users can discover video reviews and get important informations from real people about products they want to buy. We believe in the experience and opinion of the vloggers of YouTube who makes reviews that are more useful as anything else the potential customers can read before purchasing the desired items.


In 2015, the founder of Vlogger Review, Imre Varga worked on a business intelligence tool that tried to predict the popularity of mobile apps. After the 15. unsuccessful attempt to raise money from investors he sadly realized it's time to look for a new idea that can utilize his previous developments.


While Vlogger Review is evolving fast and we try to make every new function public soon as possible, some features remain invitation only until we can test them properly. We hope the next bigger function update will be in March or April.

October, 2016 - First private beta.

December, 2016 - A small group of friends got invitation to the private beta version

February, 2017 - Launch of Vlogger Review 1.0 with vlogger discovery and product reviews